What to expect

What to expect

Congratulations! You're a member of Westminter Presbytery. Or maybe you've been invited to a meeting as a guest or presenter. 

Meetings are usually held on the first Tuesday of the month - but not every month. They normally happen in February, one of March, April or May, June (a casual wind-up celebratory BBQ), October and December. 

When you arrive for a meeting, you will be met by the Secretary of Presbytery at a registration table. Here you will be asked to highlight your name to indicate that you were present for the meeting and pick up your name tag and any necessary papers - an agenda, financial statements and anything that is available. Guests are asked to sign in and make a name tag for themselves.

We gather at tables or in a sanctuary and there is no reserved seating. Sitting towards the back is popular, but not necessary - sit where you can see and hear. Introduce yourself to anyone you don't know (they may be shy).

Presbytery Meetings normally begin with worship and supper, not always in that order. Towards the end of the supper time there is often an opportunity for people to make announcements about congregational events. 

Then we get into the business. We begin with a Consent Agenda which consists of items that were sent out to be read before the meeting. All are approved with one motion, unless someone asks that an item be removed for discussion. The rest of the business may include congregational plans that require approval, voting on matters affecting the whole of The United Church of Canada (these are called remits) and discussions of the future of Presbytery. Some months we also take time for community building. 

After a final prayer, the meeting is adjourned and everyone goes home, leaving their name tag behind.

If you have any questions, please contact Shannon Tennant, Secretary of Presbytery at [email protected]